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History of centre

The Wellgate Shopping Centre in Dundee is a modern shopping mall offering three levels of bright, expansive retail space and library. Each level is interlinked by lifts, escalators and a pedestrian ramp, providing easy movement throughout the Centre.

The name Wellgate derives from the old Scots "wellgait" which means the walk to the well; in this case the walk from Dundee city centre to collect water from Our Ladys Well which was situated to the North of the Wellgate (there is a public house at the North end of the centre named the Ladywell which underlines this fact).

Amongst our weekly customers, some say, a resident female ghost makes a visit from time to time! This lady phantom is said to be responsible for the creaking sometimes heard in the building at night, sceptics claim it is merely the building cooling down, but we like to think she is checking out all our great shopping!